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Welcome to my Blog! Here I will present my latest digiscrapping LO's for you to view and comment on. I'll also present the latest creations of the designers and/or sites I'm a CT member of and last but not least I'll inform you of special events, i.e. travels or festivities concerning me and my family.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A New Family Member

Last Tuesday Urs, Jürgen and I went to see Mrs. Müller and her 3-week old Landseer pups. We've been contemplating getting a puppy for nearly a year now and we've finally found just the breed for us. The Landseer is a rather large dog, fairly similar to the Newfoundland dog, but the colouring is black & white. They've got a very calm disposition and are very attached to their "people".

We immediately fell in love with a little girl, called Tabea. She's white, got a black spot right where her little tail starts and she's got the typical black Landseer mask. She'll be moving in with us in July but I'm sure we'll go and visit her and her beautiful parents quite often until then. Here are some photos we took of  Tabea, her mom Maya and her dad Douglas:

Maya and her pups - can you spot Tabea?

Tabea on Jürgen's arm

big daddy Douglas

Tabea on my arm

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