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Welcome to my Blog! Here I will present my latest digiscrapping LO's for you to view and comment on. I'll also present the latest creations of the designers and/or sites I'm a CT member of and last but not least I'll inform you of special events, i.e. travels or festivities concerning me and my family.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Last Saturday Jürgen and I drove to Schwabach again to have a look how Tabea has grown and developed during the past two weeks. It was amazing, I hardly recognized her! She's become a proper little lady now! She's just starting to explore her surroundings now and it was really sweet to watch her tottering about on her little legs. She is about 4 weeks old now and still sleeps a lot but when she's awake she's a playful little darling! Of course we took a lot of photos - here are some of the cutest ones:

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