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Welcome to my Blog! Here I will present my latest digiscrapping LO's for you to view and comment on. I'll also present the latest creations of the designers and/or sites I'm a CT member of and last but not least I'll inform you of special events, i.e. travels or festivities concerning me and my family.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Great Love: Abelard & Heloise by ADB Designs

Diane of ADB Designs has just started on a gorgeous series of kits, called 'Great Love'. The kits are all about great, tragic love stories in history. The first kit is called 'Abelard & Heloise'

The story:
Abelard and Heloise lived in 12th century France and were highly intelligent and well educated. Unusual for a man during the Middle Ages, and certainly a rarity for a woman. Abelard was 20 years senior to Heloise and her tutor.  They fell in love and had an affair which resulted in the birth of their son, Astrolabe (named for the maritime instrument).  They married but Heloise's Uncle and guardian, remained obsessed and angry and acted against Abelard in a vicious attack. The lovers wrote volumes of letters to each other, many of which survive and that include beautiful prose that continues to speak to lovers today.

If you'd like to read more of their story, here's a link

The kit contains 20 rich papers (12" x 12", jpg, at 300 dpi) and 34 beautiful and romantic elements (png, at 300 dpi) and it is available at these stores:

I've created these pages with this really lovely kit:

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